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Must-Know Facts About Your Sleeping Heart Rate

The typical daily sleep requirement for adults is seven to nine hours according to the National Sleep Foundation. During this period of time, our bodies are...

The Truth About Your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

As blood flows through your entire body, it is important to understand the health of your heart. This begins with a clear understanding of two important factors that impact your heart. Both blood pressure and heart rate are related,

Do fitness heart rate monitors make workouts more effective?

Who doesn’t want to know what makes a workout more effective? I do! A fitness heart rate monitor can help make your workout effective because it makes no sense to just hit the gym and without any way of knowing

An Introduction to Heart Rate Monitors For Seniors

Yes, you read that right – heart rate monitors for seniors! Oh, you thought fitness tracker were only meant for young people? Think again.

Take Your heart to the Gym: Exercising for Heart Health!

The heart is one organ that is not too hard to please. Some of the most important things you need for a good heart rate is good food and regular exercise. Having frequent workouts keep

Choosing the Best Heart Rate Monitor For You

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Which is the Best Heart Rate Monitor For Women?

Heart rate monitors help you check your heart rate while you work out, so that you can stay within the rate recommended for your age. And for women's heart rate monitors the most common ones are the heart rate monitor watch,

How to Use a Fetal Heart Rate Monitor to Protect your Health and the Health of your Baby

A fetal heart rate monitor is an important tool which is used during pregnancy to monitor the well-being of both mother and child.

What You Need To Know About Your Heart Rate

Information about heart rate and cardiovascular health in general is not just meant for athletes alone. You need to monitor your heart rate and be well-informed about