Do you love to exercise? You should!


Exercise is good for your body. I am quite sure you know this already; you must have learned it in school, read it in a fitness magazine or on the internet, seen on TV or heard people say it. The very fact that you are reading this article shows that you have that basic information somewhere in your mind. Exercise improves your blood circulation, mood, muscle tone, and helps you lose weight. Generally, exercise helps to improve the health of your heart.

Many people are aware of the benefits of exercise but still find it difficult to take out time to exercise. The major this happens is because a lot of people have a wrong mindset about exercising and tend to stay away from it. Fortunately, I have put down a few tips that can help you find your passion for exercise. Follow them carefully and tailor each of them to your individual situation:

Do what you love

A lot of people have the wrong idea about exercise. Exercise is not limited to running, swimming, weight-lifting, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and other ups. Exercise is basically anything you do that flexes your muscles and gets your blood pumping thereby increasing your heart rate. This could be dancing, climbing, cycling, rowing or anything you find enjoyable (No, watching Sports TV is not a form of exercise). When you get involved in a form of exercise that you enjoy you will always look forward to the activity.

Do something you haven’t one before

Sometimes the trick to an awesome exercise routine is doing something new. The goal is to improve the health of your heart, not punish yourself. And so if you are bored with your regular routine, why not try something new? If you have never skiing before, now is the time to try it out. Who knows, you might like it.

Get creative

This is a follow up of the preceding tip. As you try new things stack them up like a sort of exercise list and then pick one for each day. This will keep you from being bored with exercises. You can go swimming on Monday and then play lawn tennis on Tuesday.

Listen to inspiring music

There’s something about music that makes exercising quite enjoyable. Sometimes when I run through the neighborhood, I play a movie soundtrack and suddenly I see myself as the key character of the movie running to save the day. Yeah, that sounds silly but it works and it keeps me running for longer than I’d run if didn’t listen to any music. So add music to your activity to help put you in the mood for exercise.

Keep up your motivation

Most of the time it’s easy to start something but it’s difficult to stay consistent through the process. That’s why it is important to have plans for how to keep yourself motivated enough to continue your exercises. Many people start out well and relapse after two days. A few ways to keep your motivation include:

  • Don’t exercise alone. Exercising alone can be boring and can easily cause you to slip back into your old lifestyle. Plan your routines with a few friends or join a club or group, so that even when you don’t feel like exercising they’ll encourage you. There’s something about doing activities with others that makes you not want to quit (maybe it’s so they don’t call you a chicken).

  • Reward yourself. After all, you started something good, so you deserve a pat on the back or a treat. Rewards help the mind conquer challenges and push harder making you stay with your exercise routine longer.

  • Stay with the feeling. Exercise does make you feel good when properly done. Problem is, people quickly forget the feeling and tend to slip back into their old ways. You could make a journal of how you felt the last time you exercised and read before your next activity. Your mind will push you to exercise in order to enjoy that good feeling.

In conclusion, exercise is very good for improving the overall health of your heart but it doesn’t have to be a tedious affair. Use the tips in this post to spice up your exercise life and get your heart rate going. Your heart will thank you for it.