Which is the Best Heart Rate Monitor For Women?

Heart rate monitors help you check your heart rate while you work out, so that you can stay within the rate recommended for your age. And for women's heart rate monitors the most common ones are the heart rate monitor watch, the chest strapped, and the sports bra types. No one is better than the other, it all comes down to what works best for you and what you can afford to buy.

Let’s start with…

Heart rate monitor watch

Heart rate monitor watches are, by far, in my own opinion, is the most common type, and maybe the most convenient. A lot of people prefer this because you just strap it on your wrist like a regular wristwatch and you’re good to go. They are designed to be colorful and slim, just the way ladies like it. These kinds of heart rate monitors acquire your heart rate data using light, in a process called Photoplethysmography. This process works by bouncing light rays off your flowing blood using LED. Then a different sensor captures the light that bounces back, analyzes it and displays it on the screen. Although they are the most affordable of all the women heart rate monitors, they may be slightly less accurate; this is because factors like sweating, talking, muscle-tensing, etc. can affect their readings.

Chest strap heart rate monitors

This type of heart rate monitor is favored by athletes around the world for its accuracy. They get better readings than wrist-strapped monitors because they take their readings directly from the heart leaving little or no room for errors. A few of them are GPS heart rate monitors and can pinpoint your location; they can also monitor distance covered and notify you when you are performing above (Or below) your set heart rate. One of the drawbacks of this type of women heart rate monitor is its cost, especially if you are looking at more advanced features.
In the aspect of innovation

The heart rate monitor watches and the chest strap heart monitors are the best and most practical ways to monitor heart rate for athletes. The chest-strap monitors are more accurate wrist heart rate monitors because they fit tightly around the chest. Plus, they are very sensitive, making them capable of accurately measuring several parameters. They also come in very feminine colors with a few made with fabrics that draw moisture away from your skin.

Benefits of heart rate monitors

Working out without a goal is like leaving your house and driving off without a destination in mind. You must know what your maximum and minimum heart rate are and what heart rate range would help you achieve the best results. Heart rate monitors help you accurately check this parameter, and let you know when you’re below, above, or within range. You can also know what your resting heart rate is and how fast your heart rate falls after peak exercise.