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Fetal Heart Rate Monitor


Ever wonder how your little one is doing inside of your baby bump? With one of our cute fetal heart rate monitors, you can connect with your baby early on and build a forever bond from the very beginning. Because our fetal heart rate monitors are FDA approved, you can rest easy knowing that it is a safe and effective way to measure your unborn baby's heart rate. Even though you can't hold them in your arms yet, you can connect with your little one in a very meaningful way. You can check in on your baby easily at any time—not just at the doctor's office. There is no better feeling for a mother-to-be than knowing that her baby is safe and sound in the womb. A fetal heart rate monitor is an excellent gift for a newly pregnant mother or even an almost-there mother holding a baby shower. After all, it's always good to check in on your baby with a fetal heart rate monitor and even better to build a beautiful bond.

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