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Hate needles but love health data? Our finger heart rate monitors are completely noninvasive and painless devices that measure the oxygen levels in your blood. Efficient oxygen circulation is vital to life and high athletic performance. Normal SpO2 levels (blood oxygen saturation levels) fall between 95%-100%. Using a finger heart rate monitor after a workout or as part of your daily routine can give you valuable knowledge about your health. These affordable devices are also small enough to fit in your pocket and take to work, or just have on hand whenever they could be needed. If you engage in mountain climbing or fitness training at a high altitude, your oxygen levels may decrease without your knowledge. Checking your blood oxygen levels with a finger heart rate monitor is the perfect way to maintain peace of mind. No matter who you are, it's great to monitor your blood oxygen levels and stay in a healthy range of 95%-100%. With many colors to choose from, you can get the perfect gift for yourself, a mountain climber, gymholic, or elderly loved one in your life. The easy, painless, and quick process makes the finger heart rate monitor one of our fan favorites.