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No excuses—these fitness heart rate monitors have the features you need to thrive (or survive) during your next workout. Each product in this collection is built for those who live and breathe fitness. We've listened to what you want in a fitness heart rate monitor and made sure to provide it. In this collection you'll find waterproof fitness heart rate monitors for swimming, speed-tracking fitness heart rate monitors for race training, even GPS enabled fitness heart rate monitor devices to ensure you won't get lost on your next trail run. With all of these features to enjoy, you just might forget how much you hate leg day. They say you need the right tools to do a good job.  Working out is no different. Getting the best fitness heart rate monitor is an investment in your performance as an athlete. When you're all about those gains, there's nothing more valuable than the ability to track yourself and measure your progress. While that used to mean taking a notepad and paper with you to the gym, it's now more convenient than ever to do it with a fitness heart rate monitor.  Conquer the goals you've already set, and then aim for the stars, with your own fitness heart rate monitor!