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Every heart rate monitor watch in our collection combines designer style with the specialized features you love in a fitness tracker. These heart rate monitor watches are in a completely different league than gym class models you've used before. We have the best heart rate monitor watches that both track your heart rate and help you to enjoy your life more. Want to maintain your heart rate during a workout, and know if you've burned enough calories for a butter pecan ice cream after? Try our Waterproof Sports and Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch! Craving health data? Track your sleep cycle and blood pressure with our Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Sleep Tracker! Need to keep up with social media and show off your gym gains with a great selfie? Our Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Watch and Smart-bracelet can help you on your journey to become Instagram famous. In today's world, leaving the house without your smartphone throws off your whole day. But with a heart rate monitor watch that has all of the features you love, you've got everything you need on your wrist. Fitness isn't a fad diet or a short stint at the gym; it's a lifestyle choice. No matter where you go, you'll be equipped to do more and rest easy with your heart rate monitor watch from HeartTrackr.Com.